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“I Heart Alien” Press Release


September 4, 2014 (Oakland, CA)

Platform: iOS
Release Date: Now
Genre: Arcade|Brain Game
Price: FREE (Ads and In-App Purchases)

Lungfish Videogames releases their first, not one-brain, not two-brain but three-brain game ever! Can you control the three aliens against the increasingly hectic barrage of enemy and friendly aliens? Common wisdom says most humans only have one brain while most aliens have three! Download for free to find out “how alien are you?”

The rules are simple, match your three Aliens with like-colored Aliens and a lovely Heart will result – and that’s good!. Miss a like-colored Alien or match the wrong colored Alien and it’s curtains – and that’s NOT good! How far can you get before your brain overheats!?

“The I Heart Alien app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun arcade-style game with great graphics and sound effects that is addictive and challenging.”

Extra features
– Weekly Localized Leaderboards: It may be tough to be top Alien on planet Earth but it’s a bit easier to become top Alien in your city, or at least your zip! Localized leaderboards satisfy the hi-scorer of every caliber but also leave something to aspire to.
– BankPts: Earn these points by scoring in the game and placing on the leaderboard. Spend BankPts to unlock new modes and skins.
– Unlockable Modes: Harder modes can be unlocked! And the harder the mode the more points you can earn, thus allowing you to unlock more modes faster thus allowing you to earn more points thus… ad infinitum.
– Bonus Modes: These modes are downright weird – and weird means fun! – but you can earn tons of BankPts. In Bonus Mode 1, for example, one of your aliens is hidden! You’ll have to remember where he is! Yikes!

Gameplay Video

Screen Shots

Free from App-Store

About Lungfish
Lungfish Videogames is an East Bay based independent game developer founded by Dedan Anderson, a 20+ year industry veteran. They strive to be adaptable and as resilient as their name sake.



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