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“ABCCats” Press Release
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OAKLAND, Calif., (Aug 30, 2011) –Help The Professor uncover ancient artifacts and escape alphabet-trapped temples in the fun and educational ABCCats!
LUNGFISH Videogames introduces their debut title ABCCats for iPhone, an edutainment title geared to please all ages. ABCCats entertains while simultaneously educating younger players and challenging adult players.

ABCCats is a title designed with the parent-on-the-go in mind. This game can keep your child entertained while helping them develop their alphabetizing skill. ABCCats features 2 Modes, with 4 difficulties each, to entertain all ages.

Players must lead the intrepid hero “The Professor” through a series of trap laden chambers. In order to surpass the traps, they must be tripped in alphabetical order. To make matters worse the Temple’s Guardians are always in pursuit so speed is of the essence!

Children love playing with the iPhone, especially when trapped in “boring” adult events, now parents can educate their children while entertaining them! On the flip side, adults will discover the harder difficulties entertaining and challenging as well! They may even find that their children are out performing them as well!

ABCCats features
– easy to pick up but hard to put down.
– fun for all skill levels from pre-schoolers to adults!
– children can learn and grown-ups can be challenged
– 2 modes of play, including the brain twisting Reverse Mode.
– 4 difficulties of play per mode (totalling 8 separate temples to escape)
– Up to 3 players’ scores can be compared to each other! Is your child quicker than you???
– Openfeint Leaderboards allow you to compare your top scores with other ABCCats players world-wide

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