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Features for v1.2 “I Heart Alien” – Our second update for “I Heart Alien” is in the shop here! We added a new Spooky Difficulty to go along with our Halloween Skin. The mode features a Ghost Alien and you earn x3 more points! The catch is your Aliens’ positions are unknown! The game gives you hints […]

version 1.1

    Features for v1.1 “I Heart Alien” – Our first update for “I Heart Alien” is in the shop here. We mainly fixed some minor bugs and modifying the UI to be more obvious. We tried to go with just icons but we felt that the messaging wasn’t getting across so we’ve added subtitles. We […]

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Version 1.2 allows iphones with older versions (3.2.2 and higher) to download and play ABCCats. Pick it up here!